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Life. Live it. first aid education for children provides everything you need to teach primary school pupils the essentials of first aid. It is simple to use and requires no specialist knowledge.

Using these resources, your pupils will develop first aid knowledge and confidence. They will know what to do when they, or others, experience an accident, injury or illness.

Mae pob un o'n adnoddau addysgol Life. Live it. Cymorth cyntaf i blant ar gael rŵan i’w lawr lwytho yn yr iaith Gymraeg.

Any problems? Please contact us at lifeliveit@redcross.org.uk. 

Thank you, the Life.Live it. team.



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Teaching resources

Stay safe

Lesson plan and worksheets
Teaching resources

Help save lives

Lesson plan and worksheets
Teaching resources

Emergency action

Lesson plan and worksheets


Scenario cards, scripts and awards

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Curriculum and cross-curricular links

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