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These materials will help to support you in teaching first aid to your pupils.

There are ideas on how to use these materials within the lesson plans. Alternatively, you can use them however you choose.

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Scenario cards

The scenario cards will encourage pupils to think about first aid, what it means, what it’s for and how relevant it is to them. The cards will encourage discussion, promote thinking about emergency situations and help pupils to consider how they might and should react when involved in a real-life scenario in which someone needs help.

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Operator script

A guide phone call with the emergency services.

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The awards are similar to certificates. They can be given to pupils in any way you see fit, but here are some examples:

  • > Give them to pupils who have completed their learning to show what topics have been covered from the Life. Live it. resource.
  • > Give them to pupils who have demonstrated a positive attitude and willingness to learn how to help others.
  • > Hand them out to those who have demonstrated a good understanding of first aid and increased confidence and willingness to act through the assessment quizzes or other responses.
  • > Use them to recognise pupils who have demonstrated the capability to handle situations where there are casualties and deal with an emergency.
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