What is first aid

First aid: why the big deal?

Have you ever seen someone fall over and hurt their leg? Or perhaps you know someone
who’s been very ill? Have you ever been near an accident?

Imagine being able to help in each of these situations – that’s what first aid is all about.

First aid is important because it can save lives, but it can help you do a lot more:

  • You can spot dangers
  • You can help someone who has had an accident
  • You can help someone who has suddenly become ill
  • You can get help in an emergency
  • You can help someone who is very upset

This website will help you learn what to do when people are hurt or in different kinds of danger. By learning first aid, you will find out how to:

  • help someone who has a burn
  • help someone with a nose bleed
  • help someone who is choking
  • help someone keep calm
  • make a 999 call
  • do much more.

You don’t need to have special items or a first aid kit to give first aid.
The most important thing is to know the simple steps to follow in different situations.

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